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The appearance of a well done swimming pool building is without a doubt a scene that every home owner appreciates. We at Pool Plaster Guys know the best ways to ensure that your final pool house appearance satisfies your desire for a beautiful pool. We have been in the pool plastering business for a long time and we have gained the needed experience to know the best pool plastering materials. Get in touch with us on 888-543-5527 to find out more about our swimming pool plastering services and products.


Wide Variety

At Pool Plaster Guys we recognize the different tastes and styles when it comes to individual choice for pool plastering. Just like every individual chooses to decorate their house or compound in a certain way, we give you variety of pool plastering materials to choose from. We have a range of high quality stone scapes that add the natural look of a pebble bottomed pool house. You can also choose our magnificent quartz stones which comprises of crushed quartz, colour and white cement. Call us on 888-543-5527 for more information about the available pool plastering finishes that are available with us.


Long lasting finishes

The ultimate test of a pool house plaster finish is in its strength and durability. We take pride in guaranteeing that with our pool plastering services. WE are keen on using premium quality materials that will make your pool stay as beautiful as new for a very long time. By talking to us on 888-543-5527 you will get more details on the materials that we use for our finishes. We also give our customers on the best weather to consider for doing pool plastering as extreme cold or heat can affect the durability of pool plaster. In the event that a client is determined to have a pool plaster job in the extreme weather conditions, we advise on appropriate plaster materials.

Call us today 888-543-5527 for the best swimming pool buildings and plastering services. Our work is tried and tested over time and can only be the best available.


Apart from strength and durability, we have perfected the art of providing aesthetic value with our pool plastering services. The beauty of a perfectly done swimming pool lies in the aesthetic appearance it offers. One of our best finishes for a beautiful pool is the beadcrete. This is a innovative pool finish formula which combines the use of high quality aggregates, latest technology pigments and polymer cements. It creates a breath taking smooth beautiful finish that is hard to ignore.


In order for your pool to maintain that glossy finish for a long time, you need to take good care of it by cleaning frequently. At Pool Plaster Guys we provide helpful information on what cleaning agents to use for cleaning your pool. We advise our customers not to use abrasive agents and media that may damage the finishes so get in touch with us on 888-543-5527 to learn more about our cleaning and maintenance nuggets that will keep your pool beautiful for long.

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